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The GoAnimate song April 19, 2009

Posted by psychobserver in Social Networking, User Experience, Web 2.0.

It’s my first time blogging about something directly related to my current job as product manager at GoAnimate.com. I am not sure why I did not do it earlier… Working at GoAnimate allowed me to switch from being an uninvolved consultant advising people to being in the “pit” fighting to make the website a success not only in terms of user experience and interaction design, but also more generally as a company.

One major realization I had while working is the power of the community. I have been humbled by what and how users have been using the platform. We first designed it for people to create short funny stories, and we now realize that quite a number of users are now using the platform to create whole animated episodes that sometimes last more than 10 minutes. We also see amazing thing happening in terms of users sharing their creations and the content they upload to the platform. Overall it is amazing to see the dedication and passion of the users on the platform.

Passion that sometimes expresses itself in some strange ways, as the following video shows:

There is no question the Internet is magical in the ways it empowers people to express themselves in such diverse ways… for better and for worse. ;o)



1. ada - April 19, 2009

How did you manage to find the YouTube clip?

P.S. Good to see a new posting in your blog.

2. Laurel - April 20, 2009

Hey N.! Looking forward to checking out your blog 🙂


3. psychobserver - April 22, 2009

Hey Ada,
Quite simple to find the clip on YouTube. We are scouting YouTube for GoAnimate pretty much everyday as many of our users upload their animations there (even though it’s not easy to do so for now). That’s how we found this “amazing” song!

Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll try and post again more often…

Hey Laurel,

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